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Trash to Treasure Miscellaneous Projects

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These are miscellaneous projects I've tackled through the years. It's a potpourrie of ideas. Below all the pictures are links to various other sites for even more ideas.

Don't forget to check back, as I update these pages often.

Photo Display

The Base is 2 old faucet handles, and the photo holder is an old music marching band clip.  I used my favorite, " Goop Glue" to hold it all together.

Family organizer center-by Margo

This is a pretty simple project. I took the lid of an old ammo box, then I added a grain scoop, a towel bar and a hook as well as an old black and white sign. To hang it I use the hinges that were on the lid. everything was re-purposed. A great place to hang keys, hats and throw change at the end of the day. Or use it in the bathroom, to hang towels and guest soaps in the scoop.

Old side table becomes Family Message Center by Margo (& Stacey)

I want to thank Stacey, a reader, for her great suggestion on what I should do with this old side table I picked up for free

Here's what I started with.

And here is Stacey's idea..

A message center, with chalk board. Great idea, Thanks Stacey.

Dimentional Art-by Margo

This project is a hodge podge of different items. I took someold weathered wood, added these ring things that I think are meant for clay pots. Added some old hinges to hang it by. Inside the rings, I've placed cones, bed springs, and old funnels. It doesn't really have any great purpose, but could be used for dried flowers or some other decorative item. I guess you'd call this a dimentional art piece. Don't try to put water in any of those containers though :)

Luggage Pocket wall organizer pocket

This project was adapted from one I saw on the HGTV T2T message board, posted by Sharon. I took an old luggage pocket, and an old Frame and some scrap wood. Mounted the pocket onto the wood and then added various embelishments. It makes a great place to display old photo's, cards, mail etc. You could also mount the pocket on an old drawer front, or even a shutter.

Table becomes shelf

This project was inspired by something I recently saw on an Historic Home tour. The homeowner had a shelf on the wall that was made from a coffee table, that had been cut. I set on the mission to find a suitable table. I found one that was smaller yet taller than a coffee table this week. I thought It might work, and for only a buck I had nothing to loose. I cut the table just behind the legs. This piece did not have the depth that I would like for a shelf, so I added a piece of wood on top, painted it and hung it on the wall. With the legs on the sides as they are, it frames an area below for even more treasures to be placed. Family Photos, certificates, or other T2T projects.

here's a before pic

I've been so inspired by my what I've seen others do. I decided to try and make some furniture out of stuff I already had (leftovers and such from our remodel and my many junking expeditions). After the success you see in picture 1 on the left, I made some others. All these pieces were made with, "found on the road or in the trash" materials. I paid for very little

Recycling was never so much fun

Flea Market Finds

The table on the right was made from the wood trim pieces you see in the other picture, and an old cabinet door

I've been Framed

I've had a quilt rack for many years, and as usual I had a quilt hanging from it. I wanted a change, but didn't want to spend a lot of money. In my Idea file I had a clipping where someone had hung similar pictures with jute rope, staggered, and layered on top of each other. I have lots of frames and stuff, so I decided to do this with the old frames. I paid $10.00 for the roll of Jute, everything else was in my stash.

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Lamp made from an old wooden tri-pod.

Click here to see how to make a lamp from almost anything

A gathering of Angels

Angels made from old Table Leg and other architectural items.

Another Angel made from an old spindle and some copper electrical wire, Wings are Iron.

click here for more Projects for Old Balusters, Spindles, and Porch Posts

I glued Printer's type letters to the outside of this frame. It would be great for an old picture or a mirror.

Architectural pieces

Here's an out of the ordinary window valance. Made by gluing old chair spindles etc onto a piece of trim. this idea was adapted from the book "Decorating Junk Market Style" by Sue Whitney & Ki Nassauer.

Here's another Window valance made from an old Shutter and some left over crown molding.

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Old building Moldings and Windows

Hung on the wall, as-is

Old Glass-less window in the garden, Hodge-Podge of architectural pieces.

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This old glass window was missing a few pains, but it wasn't a "pain" to fix

Tina found this metal tissue holder, painted with this sweet cottage design and hung it on the wall in her bathroom. These are available at Flea Markets. You could paint it yourself or be lucky enough to find one already painted for you. What a great idea, thanks Tina.

lydia1959 from Garden Web shows this idea for old silverware.

Here is my version

For this project, First I drilled holes in the silverware with a drill press. I also prebent them using a vise and plyers, Then I mounted the utinsels to a painted board with screws and adjusted the bends. If I do this project again, I will bend the utinsels after they are mounted, as it is not difficult. I may use a pipe to help create the curve. Add any embelishments you like. You could also do the project as in the first picture, and spray paint the whole thing after asssembly. I chose to make the handle portion the hook because I felt it was "friendlier" on coats, or towels etc.

Bulletin board alternatives and fun photo displays

Upper left is an old potato chip display, Upper Right is an old cloths drying rack, Both ideas were adapted from the book "Decorating Junk Market Style".

Lower left is a small piece of fence or grill that I attached clips to and painted white to make a small bulletin board for my desk. Lower right is some sort of drying rack I picked up at a flea market. It is wood construction, with elastic wires stretched across it. The wires work great to tuck things in and behind and I also use small clothes pins to attached pictures and cards.

Shelves, Hooks and Hangers, Framed This N That

This old chair was very cute, but also very broken. I cut back the seat, added 1/2 spindles to the raw edge and made it into a shelf. If can sit either on a table or be hung on the wall. It took me about 15mins to do and there was no painting involved since the chair was a great red color to start with.

Old clock becomes Great Shelf

I took a mantle clock that didn't work. I removed the clock parts, painted it, attached a pretty plate to the hole, turned it upsidedown and made a shelf. this is a fairly simple project.

Or you could take it to the next level, like my friend Linda Smith of Linda's Blue Gate and mosiac the whole thing.

Make a Coat/hat/leash rack

This project isn't very hard. Take some old wood molding. You can even make your own by stacking different wood trims and them paint it all the same. Add some door hardware and a couple of hooks and you are done. A Great place to hang your hat, or whatever.

Both of these shelves were made from architectural leftovers. Pieces of an old bed, wood planks from a remodel etc.

Take an Old frame, some bead board and a makeshift shelf, and you have a great, dimentional, piece for your walls. Or, An old shutter, drawer and spindle make a unique family message center, or add some flowers and it's a dimensional wall pocket.

Uses for old iron grates and metal objects

On the left venting grates found at a flea market. On the right is a collection of Waffle Rosettes I've picked up over the years at garage sales.

Garage Sale Finds, re-purposed

OK, I didn't find all these things at garage sales, but they are getting new life in my house anyway.

This was an old library cabinet with 2 missing drawers. I covered the drawers with framed art(homemade), added legs and it's a chair side table.